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Results at the 14th A.I.M : I didnt win. I lost to M.Nasir. Ah goes on. This only spurs me on to keep working hard and getting more of my songs out there!.


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Hopefully Amber_Mae will enjoy continued success and this may be the start of better things as far as shoots for adverts being shown overseas.This shoot was ( see a couple of photos from FRIM where the shoot was taking place on the 22nd & 23rd of March )for Johnson & Johnson to be shown in India.

Hopefully I will be within a month be displaying an embedded video of the finished advert for you all to view and enjoy. Believe me when I say that this was one tiring adventure!. Lets hope and pray that Amber_Mae will get more offers to be a star in more adverts for the International market!!.

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Amber_Mae Wins Top Prize Again!!

amber_mae clinches top prize as "most intelligent dog" and "miss k9" at's recently held carnival. amber_mae was also featured in the NST and Berita Harian. this is her second award at events. how many more can she win?. keep a lookout for her in the near future!

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now I know from where Handel got his inspiration!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Most Malaysians are such cowards!!

Recently we had one dog owner who wanted us to board his dog for one day. My wife and daughter have known him for sometime now. But I personally have never really taken to him. Theres something freaky about him. He speaks with what we call " marbles in the mouth" ie; pseudo-kinda-english. An english accent that is put-on. I should know. I was brought up speaking english as my mother tongue by my english born mum. At least I speak english the normal way!!

Then the same day in the evening after he had taken back his dog ( by the way my wife and daughter took three goddamn hours to clean his dog up of ticks galore!! ) my daughter found out from an online friend that his dog namely Arune was sick and had vomitted. Concerned my wife talked to this freak on her mobile. Its pretty obvious that this motherfucker ( chinese by the way!! )used this opportunity to accuse us of trying to mutilate and murder his filthy mutt.My wife tried in vain and in all honesty to defend herself. But to no avail as this motherfucker shouted and called my poor wife a "bitch" and accused her falsely in trying to kill and "mutilate" his filthy mutt. My poor wife couldnt get a word in!

The next morning he sent a nasty demanding sms to my wife's mobile.I decided to make my move. I was eagerly waiting for this shithead to try his luck one more time.

And I sent him no less than THREE messages from my mobile to his. And to my full expectation we have not heard from him since then.Ha ha ha!!

It always works when I do my part to fight back and give as good as it gets!!

My message to him if he reads this is....

" Fuck off you chinese mother-fucker and dont let us see you ever again!!"

Ohh by the way..Ive got a strong feeling that this motherfucker is GAY!!


Vilma said...

Too true that someone as obviously classy (a Chinese might say "crassy") as yourself wouldn't take to someone who's gay and Chinese to boot using FOWL (as your daughter puts it, LOL!) language on your delicate, unable-to-defend-herself wifey... ;)

a.mok said...

i love how you have managed to offend the gay and chinese community at the same time. now that's talent!

Marinella said...

your 'about ross' section sure has a lot to compliment you and your achievements. very nice to see such a successful malaysian in music. but after i read the post you wrote about a chinese, "gay" man who is falsely accusing you on so and so, i think all your achievements have been overshadowed by your vulgarity in using words, and your lack of respect for anyone - the chinese man, people who are reading this, and so on. you've just ruined your image, esp since you're in the public eye. and you calling a dog "a filthy mutt" ? what did this dog do to u? he/she is as helpless as your so-called defenseless wife. think before you let it out. it can be annoying for smth like this to happen. but clling ppl names such as 'motherfucker' and 'gay' is just shameful for someone who claims he speaks english the normal way, being brought up by his english mother. and then, just because of one issue, you are labelling malaysians in a general way - saying that MOST malaysians are cowards? wow. you sure assume a hell lot. anyway, i hope you regret the way you blogged about the issue, as you already have two people disliking the way you talk. its just shameful for someone who is known greatly for his work.

Shakrinal Aldree said...

Hello there.

Despite the fact that u are brought up by an english speaking parent i find it hard to see the maturity in which you use your language sir. let alone the level of maturity and the manner in which you choose to solve an issue in order to defend your wife without any substance nor value.

three other people have already mentioned you RACIST behaviour which i think your english born mother would not be so proud of. the asshole you mentioned may be an asshole, but it doesnt have anything to do with the fact that his chinese. nor gay.

Despite all this stupidity you show in this post, i am more fucking disturbed by the title by which you stereotyped the whole country because of one man's action. now.. i live in Subang. come down. and lets see if Malaysians are really cowards. Cowards are men who are afraid to die. Cowards are men who make empty threats and being proud of making little piss-ant-school-boy threats like that. Cowards are racist men like you.

I have no respect for cowards like you. My folks did not spill their bloods for this country so people like you could just run your mouth. Is this what you call a learned individual? a man of numerous achievements? a man ... ops.. sorry your not a man. you are the Motherfucker my friend.

Adam said...


I m desperate to board my dog for this coming CNY. Am going to be away for oversea trip.

But then again, im a bit worried.. cos im a chinese and curious.. you might term me as a motherfucker as well?? yes, no?

So i'll give your place a miss.

A filthy mutt lover

Willow Anastasia said...

Well, I dont blame Ross as some Chinese people really dont know how to take care of their pets. They are just irresponsible fools.
This Chinese man is a terrible person as to not inform the caretakers of his dog's condition.
Who is irresponsible here?